Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Building a Professional Learning Network

Not only does technology provide tools to improve learning and student achievement in the classroom, it provides educators with opportunities for professional development. Virtual classrooms for educators earning advanced degrees, webinars, video tutorials, and educator blogs are just a few of the technology tools that can support teachers in their quest for life-long learning, all made possible via the amazing internet. We have experienced how the power of the internet helps students gather information in seconds and connects them with learners across the globe, but we need to experience that power for ourselves. Now is the time to create a Professional Learning Network. Develop a network of educators and experts to connect with and contribute to your ongoing professional development.

I know, it can be a bit daunting, especially with so many sources of information out there. Who has enough time in the day to visit all the educator sites, read all the articles, and check out the latest technology tools for teaching? Google Reader can help you manage the flow of information by bringing it to you instead of you going out to find it. You can even carry those connections with you on your mobile phone using an application like Feedly.

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