Friday, July 1, 2011

Engaged Learning

I just watched my first VoiceThread, and I am inspired by the possibilities. One thing immediately came to my mind as an educator: a learner can engage with knowledge that a teacher or fellow student presents in an interactive format full of digital literacy skill building. As a learner I was excited by the chance to connect with other learners; VoiceThread added the human component that is essential for me in learning and is too often missing when we integrate technology in the learning environment. Here is a tool to create opportunities for engaged learning. Not only does a VoiceThread allow you to create, but it allows others to comment and collaborate on your creation. Teachers can give voice, video, or text feedback to student creations. Students can  share their learning with others around the world. There is a ton of research out there that speaks to the need for engaged learning. But using VoiceThread is not just good brain-based learning, it's fun! Technology improves learner engagement. Check out mine below:

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  1. VoiceThread is a fantastic tool! I am so glad you like it!