Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Technology and Multiple Intelligences

In an ideal world, technology in schools would be integrated into all subjects in order to advance both student engagement and achievement. Technology provides educators an opportunity to do what we do well, even better. One example of this is using technology to meet the individual needs of all learners.
The image below shows my learning style:
Using a voice recording device to capture my thoughts is a good use of technology to meet my learning style. My blog posts all begin as voice memos on my iPhone. When I am hit with an epiphany, I grab my phone and record. I come back later and organize my recordings by naming them according to topic. I listen to my thoughts and refine them for the written version, which often means creating a more purposeful post from the stream-of-consciousness memo in which they began. Students can do this with a variety of audio editors including Audacity or with the built-in sound recording devices found on most computers today.
This is just one use of technology to meet multiple intelligences. Click here to learn more.

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