Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Learning

Learning doesn't stop in the summer. Despite the collective image of Alice Cooper we (teachers and students) have singing in our heads, learning in the summer doesn't have to be a drag. Just as good technology usage in classrooms needs to be integrated into good teaching via authentic activities, summer learning needs to be more than drill and kill computer programs. The good news is that there are plenty of authentic learning opportunities during summer travel.

Mobile devices offer a wealth of chances to embed learning and technology into vacation time. Mapping trip routes using Google Maps (or similar app) helps with  problem solving and geography. Writing reviews of restaurants, hotels, movies, and attractions allows learners to use technology skills while sharing personal experiences with others via the written word. Break out that iPhone and start learning! Want more ideas? Check out 50 Creative Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain.

Learning doesn't stop for educators either. We all need a break from the hectic school year, but summertime is also time for the learning that you want. With the creation of virtual learning experiences, this no longer means attending a week-long workshop or taking a college course. It might require a bit of a shift in mindset, but this is learning that will inspire you and help you add a few technology skills to your tool belts.

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