Sunday, August 28, 2011

What People Need

I can't please everyone! I know, not much of an epiphany you say. But so often, I trick myself into thinking that I can please everyone, provide what they need in a relationship, provide new understanding that will help them see different perspectives, provide skills that will help them experience success and growth.

I see this especially when it comes to helping teachers become comfortable using technology in their classrooms. There are so many obstacles: some in our minds, some in our skills, some in our beliefs, some in our egos.

I think a key might be figuring out what people need. What are their hopes and fears? Conversation is the key, but these are the often the kinds of conversations we shy away from, awkward and uncomfortable, conversations that make people feel vulnerable. I want to create a culture in both of my worlds where these kinds of conversations can happen more regularly. Then maybe I can't please everyone, but I can be there to witness them figuring out what they need. And maybe sometimes, just sometimes, I can fill that need. When I can't, at least I was there to witness and support.


  1. A tricky part of this as an adminstrator (and the part you are so good at) is getting many different teachers to trust you enough to share their hopes and fears.

  2. I read this and thought, teachers don't get enough pay. They don't get enough applause! And I'm wondering if time will be a friend in your journey of connection... time for others to recognize your sincere intent as they find their own motivation. I know you did that for me... and it took time.

  3. Hopes and fears ... Great insight! Look into something called the "Concerns-Based Adoption Model", or C-BAM. I think you will find it to be useful.